Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Assignment 4

Rejection is a major motif in the novel A Thousand Splendid Suns. Rejection is first presented when Hosseini describes Mariam's mother and her feelings towards men. Mariam's mother is deeply affected by the rejection of Jalil and these emotions are what drive her to tell Mariam, when she is barely a child, that there is "nothing out there for [Mariam] but rejection and heartache." Describe other examples of rejection in the novel and discuss Hosseini's purpose and the significance of demonstrating such rejection.


  1. Another Example of rejection is when Both Mariam and Laila tries to escape Kabul. Once they arrive to the train station they ask a friendly stranger to buy their tickets . When he agrees they receive a sigh of relief but all that changes when they are not allowed to bored the train because they have been caught and knew hell was going to come once they returned to their home.

  2. Another example of rejection is when Rasheed does not love Aziza the same way he loves Zalmai. Aziza is rejected by the guy she thought was her father. TTroughout the story Laila explains how Rasheed would ask for money so he would be able to buy Zalmai new toys. When it came to Laila, Rasheed would not buy anything unless Laila insisted. The purpose of Hosseini is to show how in Afghanistan, men and women are not treated equally. The significance of showing such rejection is to show the reader the fact that Rasheed from the very beggining knew thath Laila was a "harami." He knew that was not his daughter.
    V.Valentin, 5th

  3. Another example of rejection seen in A Thousand Splendid Suns is when Jalil's driver denies that Jalil is home and tries to take Mariam back to Nana even though she sees that Jalil was there in his home. Khaled Hosseini uses this rejection from Jalil to spark the development of conflicts that Mariam is soon to encounter. The significance of this rejection is that it will be a factor in many decisions she will make and actions she will do. The rejection is impacts Mariam so much due to the many comments Nana had stated about this rejection and only until then is that it becomes true to Mariam, and Nana's death only adds weight to the whole cruel situation.